Jose Colon Jose Colon


José Colón
Seville, Spain 1975

After moving to Barcelona his work specialises in photojournalism and documentary. His images have been shown in Spain, Italy, USA, Germany, France, Brazil as well as in various international magazines. He has artistically collaborated with the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, The Museum of History of Barcelona and the Museum of History of Zaragoza.
He is currently based between Barcelona and Sevilla where he works with several international newspapers and photo agencies.

Work Experience:
-2011/2017: Photographer Co-founder MEMO Coop
-2013/2016: Photographer with Cordon Press
-2014/2016: Photographer with AFP
-2008/2011: Photographer with Diario Publico (Spain)
-2009/2013: Photographer with Bilderberg (Germany)
-2008/2009 : Photographer with Diario Publico( Spain)
-2008/2009 : Photographer with Bilderberg ( Germany)
-2007/2008: Photographer with Bilderberg (Germany)
-2006/2007 : Photographer with Bilderberg (Germany)
-2006/2007: Photographer with AzaPress (Spain)
-2006/2007: Photographer with EuroNews (France)
-2004/2005: Photographer with AunaMultivision (Spain)
-2003/2004: Photographer with Obgetivo4 ( Spain)

Contributions with Museums and Cultural Institutions:
- MACBA(Museo de arte contemporaneo de Barcelona)
- CCCB (Centro de cultura contemporanea de Barcelona)
- Museo de Historia de la Ciudad de Barcelona
- Museo de Historia de la ciudad de Zaragoza.
- Eye Fish Award. The Time of the Miners. Group exhibition Fnac Barcelona.
- State of emergency border : Exhibition at the Cultural Centre La Nau, Valencia
- La Nostra Storia 1955-2015. Collective exhibition commemorating 60 years  L'Espresso. 
- Fear, Exhibition at the Festival of Photography in Delhi, India, organised by the Foundation Nazar.
- Photo-Reporters: Upfront Spanish .  Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid.
- The first Global War. Exhibition at the Gallery di Piedicastello. Trento, Italy. 

- Finalist at the Spanish journalism award COLOMBINE with the work “Porteadoras de Melilla"
- Journalism Award for Human Rights with MEMO Magazine.
- The Digital Magazine Awards with MEMO Magazine.


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